Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about Ultimate Bunk Boards.

What are they made from?
Our boards are made from 100% high density, extruded, polyethylene plastic, with no filler material that could harm your boat finish. Solid throughout, our boards have a UV inhibitor, to protect them from the sun.

Are these boards as strong as wood?
Because our boards are made from polyethylene plastic, although strong, they do flex more than wood, if not properly supported. When evaluating if our boards will work on your trailer, measure the distance between the mounting brackets. We recommend a maximum span distance of 48” between mounting points for our 2x4 boards, and a 60” span for our 2x6 boards. If the span on your trailer is greater, then you should consider our New “Ultimate Extreme Bunk Boards”. You can also consider adding additional supports.

What sizes do you have?
We have both 2x4 (1.5”x 3.5”) and 2x6 (1.5” x 5.5”) shapes in lengths from 3’ to 12’ long. All boards over 9’ long must ship via a freight carrier.

Can I connect two boards together to make them longer?
You can, but it is involved. Please contact us via e-mail and we will send you information on how to do it. A better way would be to consider using our NEW “Supreme Ultimate Bunk Boards”.

What colors do they come in?
Currently, our standard offer is in black and medium grey. However, if you would like to purchase 2000 lbs. or more, we can make them any color you would like.

Do you have a dealer near me that I can purchase from?
Sorry, currently all of our boards ship from our Georgia warehouse location. However, we will soon be looking for distributors across the nation.

How do you mount the boards? Do I use the same hardware from my old boards
There are two common methods for installing our boards, and yes, you can use your existing hardware, as long as it is in good usable condition.

The first method is using a coarse-threaded lag bolt and screwing in from the bottom. A 5/16” or 3/8” dia. X 1-1/4” long bolt is recommended. IMPORTANT – make sure to drill a small pilot hole before installing the screw. This will prevent the board from splitting. The use of thread-lock is also recommended. Stainless steel hardware is the best to use, if available.

The second method is using a recessed nut & bolt arrangement. You can counter-bore the tops of the boards, drill a through hole, and use a hex-head bolt, lock washer and nut. IMPORTANT – make sure you use a larger washer under the head of the bolt, to prevent it from pulling through. Carriage head bolts are NOT recommended. The best way to counter-bore the tops of the boards is to use a 1” wide flat spade-bit, counter-bore down approximately 5/8”, drill a through hole for the bolt size, and install the hardware. Use stainless steel hardware, if available. See attachment under ‘Mounting Instructions’.

Will these boards scratch or mark-up my boat?
Because the plastic is color-fast and softer than the factory finish gel-coat, the boards will not scratch or permanently mark the boat. However, you should evaluate the condition of the boats finish, to make sure the gel-coat has not already been compromised. Carpeted wood boards can collect dirt from the lake water and after a period of time, can become abrasive to the finish…our boards will not stop this process. So, the real culprit is dirt, keep the boards clean and you’re good to go!

Do I have to order on-line?
Using our web-site to place your order is the easiest, quickest, and safest way to order. We use Pay Pal as our credit card service, which protects both the buyer’s and seller’s rights. You do not need to join Pay Pal, just check out as a guest.

How do I get answers to my other questions?
The best way to contact us is via e-mail. Just click on the contact button and ask away. We will respond promptly. You can also call 706-983-9487. If you get the recording, please leave your name, number and brief message, and we will call you back within 24 hours.

Do you sell the hardware I need?
Yes, click on our Store button and select Hardware. We sell by the kit, so make sure you order the correct quantity.

Is the pricing for a set of two boards?
Yes, all board pricing is for a set of two boards. If you need something special, please e-mail us with your total requirements, along with a ship-to zip code, and we will quote you delivered pricing, if available.

Can you ship outside the country?
The pricing on our web-site is only valid for the continental U.S. However, we can ship anywhere, if you are willing to pay the price. Shipping costs for our boards can be expensive. We do what we can to keep costs down, but the pricing we quote is the best we can offer.

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